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How Sound Bowls Can Help Improve Your Wellness Practice

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

When it comes to health and wellness, it is important to find safe and effective tools to use in our practices. It helps if these tools are beginner-friendly, easily incorporated into our existing routines, and (as a bonus) are aesthetically pleasing. Because what’s better than indulging in self-care in a space that’s both functional and gorgeous?!If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you should consider looking into sound bowl therapy. Read on to learn more about these beautiful bowls, why they work, and how you can experience sound bowl therapy.

What are sound bowls?

Sound bowls—also called a Tibetan sound bowl or singing bowl, or a Himalayan bowl—are instruments used to help with relaxation and healing. The sound bowl itself is originally from China, where it was used for meditation by people practicing Buddhism and Taoism. With a singing bowl, sound and healing vibrations are created by gently tapping the bowl’s side with a mallet, and then circling the rim at different speeds and levels of pressure. The vibrational frequencies emitted from the sound bowls can help with a variety of issues, relieving stress, pain, anxieties, and other similar ailments. The sounds and vibrations produced by the bowls differ by the type of material the bowl is made of (bell metal or crystal), type of mallet (wooden, leather-wrapped, or having a felt-padded striker), and whether an empty or water-filled bowl is used.

How do they work to heal?

Sound therapy has been used since ancient times for healing the spirit, body, and mind. Sound bowls are used as a form of sound therapy to promote relaxation and healing. Sound bowl therapy can help improve sleep, increase immunity, reduce depression, and lower blood pressure.

Crystal bowl sound healing can be used according to the energy properties of the preferred bowls, as you would individual crystals. You can also use the singing bowl to double up on the healing benefits of other wellness practices, such as performing sound bowl meditation or yoga.

How do I find sound bowls?

You can find sound bowls or a sound bowl set from a variety of places, especially as it continues to become more popular in Western culture. Sound bowls can be found online or at health and wellness practices, such as meditation centers and yoga studios. Type “sound bowls near me”in a search engine of choice to find sound bowls for sale in your area

Who is allowed to use them?

Sound bowls are versatile tools to use for your self-care, health, healing and wellness plans. Anyone can purchase these instruments to practice sound bowl therapy at home, but it is recommended you avoid using the bowls if you are pregnant, have epilepsy, or are prone to headaches.

Where can I find sound bath healers?

Although you can learn to use a sound bowl at home, figuring out which one to buy and how to initially use it requires some time. One option for experiencing the benefits of sound bowl healing right away is to use a professional sound bath healer.

In a sound bath, bowls or other instruments are used by a trained expert to help you become fully immersed in healing sound waves as you lay down in a relaxing Savasna yoga pose. During your session, you will feel all your stress and worries melting away as you enter a deep, meditative state. People who have used sound baths have reported immediate benefits, experiencing a higher level of clarity, lower stress, and elevated mood during and for days after a soothing sound bath.

At Ollovus, we want to help make sound bath healing widely and easily accessible. Our Ollovus app has a wide selection of sound bath healers you can choose from. You can directly message the healers on our platform to find the best sound healer for you.You can also check out a variety of other healers available in your area or set up a virtual session with a healer anywhere in the US.

Overall, a sound bowl is a safe, effective, and absolutely beautiful instrument most people can use to support their health and wellness. Comment below to let us know if you plan on using a sound bowl or a sound bath healer in your wellness journey.

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